The Third Peace Convention - One Heart

February 21-23, 2022

A Gathering of Opening Hearts, of Love and Compassion,

of People of Various Spiritual Traditions and Different National Groups

Ehvam – Arava Spiritual Center

At ‘Moa Oasis’ (near Tsofar)


 With the participation of Spiritual leaders and Peace-makers:

And the artists and workshop mediators:

Opening Panel, One Heart 2020

Monday - February 21, 2022

A Festive Opening Night - Thoughts of Peace

16:00-17:00 Gathering
17:15-18:00 Dinner
18:15-18:30 Greetings and musical opening - Yair Dalal
18:30-19:00 Greetings and sharing the vision - Lama Dvora
19:00-20:15 Opening Panel: “How Do We Build a Mindset of Peace?” - Texts from the various traditions relating to peace
20:15-20:30 Break
20:30-20:40 Folk music and its importance in our lives - Khaled Awad
20:40-21:25 Musical Performance - The Zeriab Conservatory Ensemble
21:30-22:00 Musical Performance - Yair Dalal

Tuesday - February 22, 2022

Speech of Peace

07:00-10:00 An Open Breakfast Buffet

08:00-08:30 Meditation Practice
08:00-09:45 A tour to Nabatean Moa with Anat Amram & Kamel Barguti 

08:45-09:30 Biodanza with Marianna Alper
10:00-10:15 Musical Opening with Zippi Nachum & Musicians
10:15-11:25 A Talk and Discussion of Reconciliation: ”Lessons I learned in South Africa and Rwanda”, Mediator: Maya Savir
11:25-11:45 Break
11:45–13:10 “Trauma and Recognition of Trauma as Tools for Growth”, Mediators: Sami Awad and Rina Kedem
13:10-14:30 Lunch and afternoon break
14:30-16:00 Panel and Discussion Circles: “Young Ambassadors of the Creation of the Roots of Peace” - Roots - Shorashim NGO

16:00-16:15 Break
16:15-17:00 An Improvisation Workshop - with the participation of the audience - Kaid Abu Latif and Ilan Popko
17:00–17:45 Dinner
18:00-19:30 Panel: “Peace is the Way: Compassion, Reconciliation and Mediation in Our Lives”

19:30-20:00 Break
20:00–21:30 Multifaith Musical Prayer, guided by Or Zohar, Ihab and Ora Balha and other musicians
Sharing circle, One Heart 2020
Wednesday - February 23, 2020

Actions of Peace
07:00-09:00 An Open Breakfast Buffet
08:00-08:30 Meditation Practice with Arie Tzvieli    
09:00-10:30 "Trauma & Our Spiritual Path" - a workshop with Tomas Huebl
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45–12:00 Teaching from the Course “The Compassionate Heart” - Lama Dvora 
12:00-12:15 Break
12:15–13:15 Teaching from the Course “The Compassionate Heart” - Lama Dvora
13:15–14:15 Lunch Break

14:15-15:15 Collaborative Art Creation - Mandalas
14:15-15:15 From Anger and Pain to the Opening of the Heart - a space for sharing and experience, Dr. Iris Dotan-Katz

14:15-15:15 Sharing & Discussion Circle with The Parents Circle – Families Forum

15:30–17:00 Closing Panel: “Continuing to Promote the Vision of Peace - What is Still Missing for the Desired Change to Occur?”
17:00–17:30 Farewell & Closing 

17:30-18:00 Dinner 
18:00–19:30 Musical Celebration with Netanel Goldberg 

Past participants share:

“I am sincerely overwhelmed with the wonder coming to life here, and I see it as a significant contribution to the discourse of peace in Israel and in Palestine.” (Prof. Avi Elkayam, Head of the Department of Jewish Philosophy, and the Shlomo Moussaieff Center of Kabala Studies - the Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar Ilan University)

“I and my friend Judur Khaled Abu Awad, from Shorashim NPO, came to this convention as teachers and found ourselves learners. I was exposed to a new world of values, a world of commitment to the good and the other, of deep thought and of sincere, serious inner work. I met kind, caring and thinking people of values.” (Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger)

“It is extremely exciting for me to meet so many spiritual leaders of so many traditions and religions, who come here and wish to figure out together how we make it for real.” (Rotem Gur Avieli)


“It took us between 5-5.5 hours to get here. It is so difficult to pass the crossings, but I would not give up coming here, because I love this place.” (Amir Hussein)


“I felt that there was something deeper here than respect. There is no patronizing and this is not some nice meditation, but really working to achieve internal peace and peace between people”. (Farid Mahmid - and educator and a translator at the convention)


“We came to this place because we believe and know that this place allows us, and shares the same beliefs with us - the belief in coexistence and peace.” (Amal Asdi)

Events organized by ‘Method and Wisdom NPO’ are open to all, free of charge.

Our activity is enabled thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters.

We invite you to also become partners in support and in action.  

For Donations:  https://bit.ly/OneHeart22JGE

(All donations are recognized expenditures for tax deduction)

Participation at the convention is open to all on the basis of Dana -

a donation of the generous heart, and includes participation in all activities and three meals a day. 
It does not include accomodation.
For accomodation please contact facilities in the area.

Accommodation in the area:


Private Rooms


Shkutai Hottub Arava 053-9426317   
Pearl in the Desert 053-9369464
Somewhere Chalets in the Arava 053-9349069  
Nof Zuqim

Desert Days, Negev Ecolodge 053-8007369
Arava Land 052-6060954
Ein Yahav
Rosemary Complex 053-6130726
Little House in the Arava 053-9414786
Makom Balev – Ein Yahav 053-7933401
Weinstein's Zimmer 053-9425271
Zimmer Atnachta Ba'Midbar 053-9370106
At Tikva – Rural Accommodation 053-8097089
Among the Palms 053-9384198
Cabins in the Arava 053-6130709
Matmon Ba'Arava (Arava Treasure) 052-8666246
Kalm - 052-5450755
Idan Acher - 052-366-6526
Rotem's - 052-6661511
Khan Aviran 052-3868938
Low Cost Commune Accomodation
Incense & Spice Route Inn Moshav Tsofar 052-3666476
Antelope Farm, near Moshav Tsofar 052-3666041
Han-Tmarim, Tsukim 053-9384191
Han Atnachta Bamidbar – for groups  053-9378189
The Gamaliya, near Ein Yahav 053-9366901
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